COVID-19 Update

Welcome to Suburban Endoscopy,

If you are one of our patients, I want to provide you a special welcome along with my personal commitment to provide you and your physician with excellence in both the clinical care and experience you have at our facility. Suburban Endoscopy is dedicated to providing a safe surgery center with the highest quality of care.

We want you to know that your health and well-being is our priority at the center. Suburban Endoscopy has implemented stringent precautions to manage infection and disease.

On January 20th, the DOH revised Executive Directive 20-016. This facility follows CDC and CMS guidelines. 

As a patient you can expect:

That you will be pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to your scheduled procedure by our clinical staff and then again in our pre-operative area on the day of your procedure. We will reschedule any patient that does not meet our screening guidelines.

You will no longer be required to wear a protective face covering. It is at the patient’s discretion to wear one if they feel more comfortable in doing so. You can wear one from home or we can provide one to upon arrival to the center.  


Kathy Shadiack